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Direct Burial

by SoCalCremations, Inc

Direct burial is the disposition of human remains by burial without a formal viewing, visitation or ceremony.  This type of service does not require embalming.  Friends and family members are not present when the burial takes place.  However, a brief service or gathering may still be conducted at the gravesite after the burial or at [...]

What is Advanced Planning?

by SoCalCremations, Inc

Advanced planning is when people plan and pay for their final arrangements and expenses ahead of time. Pre-planning takes the burden away from family members who would otherwise be forced to make difficult decisions at an already difficult time. By pre-planning you can guarantee the current price and avoid having family members from paying an [...]

What is cremation?

by SoCalCremations, Inc

Cremation is the process of reducing the human body to ashes or bone fragments.  This process is done by using high heat ranging from 1500-2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Then the ashes or bone fragments are processed to resemble a sand like consistency.