Serving All Of Southern California

Direct Cremation

The cost for our complete services and merchandise is $948

The total cost above includes the following:

Basic Services of Funeral Director and staff (Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.)

Transportation Fee (Your loved one brought into our care within our service area. Service area is 30 miles within the Funeral Home. Outside of our service area may have additional fees applied.)

Refrigeration (California law requires refrigeration of an unembalmed body after 24 hours.)

Crematory Fee (Additional fee for weight over 275lbs.)

Merchandise: Cremation container (Alternative cardboard container); Minimum temporary plastic urn.

Cash advanced items, permits, regulatory fees, and state and federal taxes included (1 copy of Certified Death Certificate, 1 copy of Disposition Permit, Department of Consumer Affairs Cremation Regulatory Fee, and sales tax on Merchandise.)

Other merchandise may be selected at additional costs.

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